Snakes with complete set ups

Snakes with complete set ups

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  • Description

    As a result of wellness i am reluctantly being forced to offer my snakes when I cant provide them with the care they want now.

    1 x Corn Snake and 1 x Royal Ball Python. Both are healthy, losing, consuming etc while they should.

    Corn snake:
    Name: Lakota
    Morph: Hypo Amel
    Intercourse: Female
    Hatch Date: 4th April 2016
    Diet: 1x Medium mouse every 2 months.
    Champion eater and sheds perfectly. Around 3/4ft long.
    Great with handling you, good with kids once she gets to know.

    Ball Python:
    Name: Kai
    Morph: Normal
    Sex: Male
    Age: 7yrs this June
    Diet: 1x Multimammate Soft that is mice/African Fur any 2 weeks.
    Can be a particular eater but if Hygro and Temps are great his no issue to feed. He wont consume prior to during or after losing and during mating season. Sheds perfectly or often in bits but constantly complete.
    Around 5/6ft long
    exemplary to take care of, and extremely good with children.

    Both come detailed with complete viv set ups (aside from skull and spider into the corn snake viv), Feeding Tongs, Hygro meters, Thermostats and care book for the python.

    Attempting to sell for £200 each or £300 if go together. Cost non negotiable for them properly as I want to make sure they go to someone who knows how to handle and care. […]