These Billionaires Have Stunning Trophy Wives, and These Photos Confirm It

These Billionaires Have Stunning Trophy Wives, and These Photos Confirm It

From fancy automobiles to mansions that are gigantic billionaires appear to have all of it. And we’d be lying if we didn’t fantasize about that which we would do along with that money if it were ours. There appears to be an additional benefit to be rich, too: These billionaires can offer for almost anybody.

Will it be for money or love? We may can’t say for certain for certain in terms of some of those marriages. In either case, listed below are pictures regarding the breathtaking trophy spouses frequently seen aided by the wealthiest males in the field (including a tremendously familiar face on web page 9).

1. Suzanne Ircha, spouse of brand new York Jets owner Woody Johnson

Suzanne Ircha had been drawn to this older, but really rich, guy. | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Suzanne Ircha made away big whenever she married the master of the newest York Jets and generation that is fourth of Johnson & Johnson. Bloomberg states Woody Johnson is really worth $4.2 billion and ranks in the world’s richest 500 individuals. He apparently purchased the Jets for $635 million.

It is clear he likes breathtaking females, too, as Ircha constantly appears stunning. To go with her beauty, she has also brains, too. Nyc Family notes she’s got a diploma from Cornell and a back ground with Wall Street.

Next: She may be inside her 50s, but she nevertheless appears absolutely gorgeous.

2. Donna Spangler, spouse of Dr. Richard Benveniste

Donna Spangler is a proud trophy spouse. | John M. […]