Mortgage loan rates of interest

Mortgage loan rates of interest

At Westpac we understand that the rate that is great crucial, but we would also like to offer a selection of loan choices and tools that will help you create your choices, in addition to experts to talk throughout your options.

Here is a listing of our present mortgage loan prices as at 30 January 2020. All prices are susceptible to alter with no warning.

Mortgage loans – Interest Rates (All prices are susceptible to alter with no warning)
mortgage loan choice Rate
alternatives drifting 5.34% p.a. ?
Alternatives Daily Drifting 5.44% p.a.
Choices Offset Drifting 5.34percent p.a. ?

?Salary credit up to a Westpac deal account required

Alternatives Fixed 4.79% p.a. For six months
3.39% p.a. * special rate for one year – special*
4.15% p.a. For 1 12 months
4.25% p.a. For eighteen months
3.55% p.a. * special rate for just two years – special*
4.09% p.a. For just two years
3.99% p.a. * special rate for 36 months – special*
4.49% p.a. For 36 months
4.35% p.a. * special rate for 4 years – special*
4.85% p.a. For 4 years
4.45% p.a. * special rate for five years – special*
4.95% p.a. For 5 years

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Home Loan Base Rates # for drifting prices (alternatives drifting, Choices Offset and Choices Everyday)
the base that is following are detailed for disclosure purposes. To learn more on Base Rates and to see which price pertains to your loan, visit your loan conditions and terms.
Residential Base Rate 5.34% p.a.
Transactional Base Speed 5.44% p.a.
Housing Base Speed 5.34% p.a.

Mortgage Base Rates # for Choices Fixed
The base price for alternatives Fixed is equivalent to the choices interest that is fixed disclosed above for the relevant term of the loan as previously mentioned in your loan summary. Whenever you want your loan just isn’t in the Annual Fixed Interest speed, the Annual Floating Interest speed will use. […]