0% – Interest Tax Refund Advance Loan. Where can i get a loan

0% – Interest Tax Refund Advance Loan. Where can i get a loan


Important info: H&R Block just isn’t the loan provider for the Refund Advance loan and will not figure out the outcome of the Prequalification Service. H&R Block is facilitating the provider on behalf of Axos Bank ®, the lending company for Refund Advance. To make use of the Prequalification Service, you authorize H&R Block to deliver your details to Axos Bank as well as for Axos Bank to go back the total lead to H&R Block, so the outcome could be provided for you.


This document (the «Prequalification conditions and terms» or «Prequalification Agreement») is just a agreement between you and Axos Bank that governs your utilization of the Prequalification Service. Please make time to very carefully read and comprehend this Prequalification Agreement, which carries a binding arbitration agreement in area 7 that needs quality of disputes by individual arbitration rather than by jury studies or course actions.

  • Definitions. The language found in this Prequalification contract have actually the next definitions:
    1. «Axos Bank, » «We», «Us», or «Our» means Axos Bank, and its particular successors, affiliates, third-party providers (including, without limitation, Emerald Financial solutions, LLC) or assignees, as relevant.
    2. «Emerald Card ® » means the H&R Block Emerald Prepaid Mastercard ® granted by Axos Bank.
    3. «Equipment» means the gear you utilize to gain access to the Prequalification Service, including however limited by mobile phones such as for instance a phone that is cellular smartphone or tablet; computer systems such as for example a computer or a mobile computer; or any other products utilized to get into the Prequalification Service.
    4. «H&R Block» means HRB Tax Group, Inc., its successors, affiliates, third-party companies, or perhaps the franchisees of any of these, as relevant. […]