Won Pil Kim attends European Blessed Spouses Seminar

Won Pil Kim attends European Blessed Spouses Seminar

Seminar individuals, led by President Won Pil Kim, collect for the team photo

A european-wide Blessed Wives conference was held in Camberg, West Germany from May 23-25,1989 under the 1989 European motto, «Triple Up and Welcome True Parents» (meaning to triple our membership), given by President Won Pil Kim at the start of this year. It absolutely was the very first of the type right here. Siblings from 21 countries and 6 continents collected to be able to lay a foundation whereby real moms and dads could be greeted in European countries, after an eight 12 months lack.

The inspiration for this kind of seminar originated from Mr. Masatoshi Abe, Regional Leader of Northern Europe and nationwide Leader of good Britain, whom forwarded the recommendation to President Kim. Later, President Kim said that whenever he heard Mr. Abe’s proposition he felt as though Jesus had been talking, and therefore it absolutely was essential for the elder blessed wives of European countries to assemble.

Consequently, the ball had been set in place — phone calls had been made and faxes had been delivered, and also by Monday afternoon associated with 22nd, the very first individuals from England and Ireland had appeared. Sisters travelled, arrived by train, or drove to Camberg that evening to wait this really unique seminar.

On morning seven groups were made from the 73 sisters in attendance tuesday.

Each team was handed the job to ponder two concerns: 1) what’s the many hard part of your Blessing? […]