Support Dropping for Massachusetts Casinos, Poll Says

Support Dropping for Massachusetts Casinos, Poll Says

Even in the best of times, the idea of allowing casino that is large in Massachusetts was a controversial one. Still, the residents of the state seemed to support the idea generally at minimum until recently. Now, a poll that is new shown just exactly how far support for the casino law has fallen.

Anti-casino sentiment is growing throughout Massachusetts. (Image: AP)

In accordance with a poll released this week by Suffolk University and the Boston Herald, only 37 per cent of Massachusetts voters now support having casinos into the state, while 47 per cent oppose the theory (15 per cent were undecided). That’s a shakeup that is huge the state’s opinion of expanded gambling: as recently as February, 51 per cent of voters said that they were in favor of the new casinos.

Prospective Repeal Vote Looms

If everyone’s viewpoint of the casino law wasn’t considered specially important in the past, that view could easily change later this year. Massachusetts’ Supreme Judicial Court is debating whether a measure to repeal the casino law is allowed for a ballot that is statewide November, as well as the new numbers recommend that voters might kick the casinos out from the state if offered the possibility.

‘It appears as if you’ve possessed a major shift in opinion since the reality of casinos and the regressive nature of what are the results with the placement of gambling enterprises in Massachusetts in addition for some regard […]